Sighe – A temporary marriage

2007, Video, Text, Objects
with Mikala Hyldig Dal

“We are in Tehran for thirty days. This is not home although he has a passport stating otherwise.
How do we enter here, make this belong to us? Which are our means of appropriation? Can we splinter the identity modules of the tourist, feminist, colonialist, native and guest – the Self and the Other – extend and confuse them? How thin is the line between affirmation and negation of the norm? Where will the norm take us if we take the norm ad absurdum? Can we exercise a discourse through our bodies? How far can we go? Which are our limitations? Are they revocable?”

„Sighe – A Temporary Marriage – Tehran, 20th August 2007“ is a work that roots in our performance of the Shiite ritual „Sighe“; a marriage with a fixed expiration date. We chose to become husband and wife under Islamic law, for the duration of thirty days.