Tehran Reflections

30 min., Iran 2005
2 channel video installation
stereo sound, color, looped DVD, synchronized replay

“The empty gaze imagines itself (as) one; that is, it bears itself ahead of itself as that which succeeds itself, a blind spot that also forms, at every moment, and as every moment, the focal point where an image lights up (a look, a representation, some thing, a spark of world). To imagine the one, and to imagine oneself (as) one—this is possible only beginning from death: from the point at which the one ceases, by which alone the ‘one’ appears (to) itself as such, in disappearing.”
Jean-Luc Nancy, The Ground of the Image

“Tehran Reflections” examines the public space of the Iranian capital Tehran by using the wall murals of martyrs and religious leaders as a roadmap. The 2 channel video installation juxtaposes the blank gazes depicted on these monumental murals with their fragmented and distorted reflections in which these images proliferate.

Installation view at Kommunikationsmuseum Berlin, 2006

Watch an excerpt (Preview version):